Digital transformation brings new challenge to freight forwarding and logistics services. Back in the late 1980s, Luckylion has deployed a computerized system to manage information and record daily transactions. In the 1990s, the core business process was migrated to client-based applications that enhanced operation efficiency with user-friendly interface. In addition, our first corporate website was launched in 1996.
Today, the access to information is no longer time-location restricted, and Luckylion has taken advantage of this to offer different eCommerce tools to satisfy the needs of end-users. Equipped with valuable business processes and IT development experience, we offer insight in freight forw‍arding and logistics services with the dynamic information exchange and excellence in digital transformation. It comes with seven major business components and three core technology components.

7 major business components:
1.PO management


3.Business Compliance

4.Luckylion Tracker


6.EDI exchange

7.Reporting Service

3 core technology components:
1.EDI connectivity

2.Cloud computing